Australian Overwatch League pro Scott "Custa" Kennedy is already making an impact at his new home.

Earlier this month, the Adelaide-born 24-year-old was traded from the Dallas Fuel to the LA Valiant, joining assistant coach and fellow Australian Jordan ‘Gunba’ Graham in the green and gold.

This week, he’s the subject of a pair of fluffy mini-docs on his new team’s YouTube channel.

In the videos, Kennedy discusses his move to America, LA traffic, and having time away from his PC, and is roundly praised by his new teammates.

“Australians are very different in a lot of aspects. In Australia I feel like people are a lot more blunt and like to make fun of themselves a lot more,” Kennedy says.

“When you’re losing it makes it a lot harder to come to work and keep practicing… it’s good to be practicing and seeing positive results,” he later adds.

The Valiant are currently at the top of the table of Overwatch League Stage 3, with four wins to zero losses.