Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch on September 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4, Insomniac Games has announced.

Digital deluxe and collector’s editions of the game will be available, and a post-launch DLC series called The City That Never Sleeps will add three chapters to the game, each with new missions, villains, characters, and additional suits for Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, a Game Informer interview with creative director Brian Intihar has revealed that:

the game is locked at 30fps on both PS4 and PS4 Pro

it is “several times larger” than Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive

it features fast travel via New York’s subway system

it features at least a dozen collectibles outfits that have distinct abilities, including Noir, Wrestling Suit, and Spider-Punk (which is a pre-order bonus)

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches Sept. 7, Mary Jane playable

it doesn’t include major original characters as the team wanted to focus instead on Marvel characters

Mary Jane will be playable

a photo mode will allows player to take interesting snapshots, and Spider-Man can take selfies with NPCs and interact with them by giving high-fives etc.

there are no microtransactions

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches Sept. 7, Mary Jane playable