This year's Call of Duty game is the game in the Black Ops sub-series, Eurogamer sources say.

"Multiple sources" have confirmed to the site that Black Ops 4 is in development at Treyarch, and that it will be out later this year.

Apparently the game will dial back the sci-fi elements of Black Ops III to conform with Activision's recent mandate CoD feel more grounded – something provoked by the relatively poor reception that greeted 2016's futuristic Infinite Warfare.

The existence of Black Ops 4 was first mentioned by a Marcus Sellars, a man who claims to be an industry insider. He said that a Nintendo Switch version is in development at a studio that has worked on CoD games before. According to Sellars, the Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble and motion controls.

The last Call of Duty game on a Nintendo console was 2013's Ghosts on Wii U.