As expected, the release of BioWare shared-world shooter Anthem has been pushed into early 2019.

EA announced the delay by not calling it a delay: “It’s not a delay,” EA’s Blake Jorgensen told the Wall Street Journal, even though the game was previously announced for "fall 2018".

Rather, Jorgensen said that the game's release is being pushed back to make room for a new Battlefield title that is coming this October. Development is on schedule, he added.

Last week, developers speaking anonymously to Kotaku expressed anxiety around the game thanks to issues with the Frostbite engine (which also caused massive headaches in the development of Mass Effect Andromeda), and also because the failure of Andromeda led to the closure of BioWare Montreal and the beloved series being shelved.

The dev team also copped to being very aware of player anger over loot boxes and microtransactions in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, and player frustration over Activision's Destiny 2 – a game that Anthem appears to be very similar to.

In addition, a couple of developers said big YouTubers spreading misinformation about EA has had a demoralizing effect on some people working on Anthem.