With the first patch for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, Bluehole is attempting to correct the game’s muddy visuals and sluggish performance on Microsoft’s console.

The patch notes say it makes “first pass visual and performance improvements” with “slightly improved anti-aliasing”, and there are also a host of smaller fixes – for example, the controls are no longer inverted when you are driving a motorcycle.

According to Bluehole, this is the first of many patches to come, and that’s probably just as well.

I have played a chunk of PUBG on Xbox One since launch, and was intending to write my thoughts up today, but yesterday’s addition of local servers and today’s patch have nuked that idea, because thanks to Christmas family commitments, I’m currently in a different city than my Xbox One.

I can say that prior to the addition of Oceanic servers and today’s patch, PUBGX ran poorly, with extremely muddy textures, shoddy framerates, and lag all too common on Xbox One. On Xbox One X it ran marginally better, but was still tough to recommend – even taking into account its Game Preview status.

Here’s the weird part: I still really enjoyed playing it, and will definitely be playing a lot more when I return home. That shows what an intoxicating brew Brendan Greene and company have mixed together, and how much potential it all has (and I say that as a huge fan of Fortnite’s battle royale mode, which runs like a dream).

So: to everyone else playing on Xbox One: has the patch helped?