Aussie RPG Hand of Fate 2 launched on Tuesday for PlayStation 4 and PC, Mac and Linux, but the Xbox One version has been delayed.

Defiant Development says it is working closely with Microsoft to bring Hand of Fate 2 to Microsoft's platforms as quickly as possible.

The Xbox One version will feature an Xbox One X compatibility patch with 4K support.

Taking place after the events of the original Hand of Fate, the sequel reunites players with the Dealer, who has returned from the void. Now seeking vengeance, this enigmatic agent trains a new player to master the Game of Life and Death, which fuses Dungeons & Dragons-style trials constructed from collectible cards with hack-and-slash combat encounters.

Gameplanet reviewer Chris Brown praised much of Hand of Fate 2 in his review, but found the combat wanting.

"Defiant Development has once again almost made something amazing, and there's still plenty you can do with this hand," he wrote.