Australian-made co-op platformer Putty Pals is out now for Nintendo Switch.

In this colourful side-scrolling platformer, you and a friend have to work together to figure out puzzles as you guide your putty pals across worlds such as Mount Puttuvius and frozen Puttarctica.

Putty Pals is the debut title from Melbourne-based developer Harmonious Games, and was created with support from Film Victoria.

Harmonious studio director Joe Park said it is a huge opportunity for the studio to have a game on the Switch.

“It’s incredibly validating to have one of the world’s great video game companies look at our work and say yes, this is a product we want to be associated with,” Park said.

Putty Pals creative director Laura Voss said it is the type of game people associate with a Nintendo console.

“We feel like our values really line up with the things people associate with the Nintendo brand: colour and fun, family-friendliness, socialising and cooperation,” Voss said. “Basically, it’s a match made in heaven.”

Putty Pals is available now in the Switch e-shop and on Steam.