New Zealand-made mobile game Into the Dead 2 is available now on iOS and Android.

The sequel to developer Pik Pok’s popular zombie-filled endless runner, Into the Dead 2 evolves many aspects of the first game, and introduces a seven-chapter storyline with multiple endings.

The game features 60 stages across multiples locations and environments, such as oil fields, military bases, and the first game's classic zombie-infested farmlands.

As was the case in Into the Dead, you can unlock new weapons and perks by overcoming challenges, of which there are hundreds.

Pik-Pok releases Into the Dead 2, the sequel to its smash-hit endless runner

You can now kill zombos using gun-emplacements, and demolishing hordes of the undead from atop moving vehicles.

Most importantly, the game now allows you to run through the wasteland with your very own doggo companion.