Dontnod Entertainment's semi-open world bloodsucking RPG Vampyr has been delayed.

The intriguing-looking game's release has been pushed back from November this year to autumn 2018.

Apparently a technical issue is to blame.

"Delaying the release of a project you hold dear is always a tough decision," said Dontnod.

"However, we believe that meeting a deadline should never compromise quality.

"We were still convinced just a few weeks ago that we would be able to release Vampyr this year," it added.

"Unfortunately, a technical issue – now solved – has set our teams’ schedule back at the end of the development."

What I saw of Vampyr at E3 last year looked extremely promising, if rather ambitious.

Dontnod is aiming to deliver a complex narrative, deep RPG mechanics, and a reactive world to players, all while investigating ethical and moral questions in the game's forboding post-WWI setting.