The team behind adventure platformers Grow Home and Grow Up is releasing a light-hearted online multiplayer FPS next week.

Overnight, Ubisoft Reflections announced Atomega, which pits players against each other at the end of time, when reality is rapidly dissolving and "the laws of physics slowly repeal".

"All that exists are Exoforms, super advanced post-biological lifeforms, masters of matter, energy and the last distant relative to man and machine," reads the game's pitch.

"As, the Exoforms fight for fun and dominance, replaying the final moments of the universe in an arena at the edge of destruction."

To evolve your Exoform from a nimble Atom to a godlike Omega, you must acquire mass by peacefully collecting it or taking it via firefights. Mass also determines the winner at the end of the game's eight-player 10 minutes rounds.

Ubisoft said Atomega is "a relentlessly competitive experience, an easy to pick-up but hard to master".

Atomega will be available on September 19 on Steam.