Free-to-play space battler, Dreadnought launched its PS4 open beta today.

During the beta, players will have access to eight new maps, including variants of the four battlegrounds featured in previous closed betas. The PS4 open beta will also include in-game friend lists and squads, as well as PS4 Pro support and Remote Play.

Most notable however, will be the new game type, Havoc – a co-op challenge mode that faces players and two teammates against waves of enemy ships.

While open beta events are a dime a dozen these days, previous closed betas for Dreadnought have already garnered the game and its studios positive praise.

Those that participate in the PS4 beta will be given the Hactar Hero Ship.

Dreadnought will be releasing to PC and PS4 later this year, after a long development period. Developers Yager and SixFoot originally announced the game back in 2014.

Dreadnought open beta launches on PS4 today
The Hactar Hero Ship - free to all participants of the PS4 open beta