Star Wars Battlefront II features a full campaign that has the player fighting for the Empire in the 30 year gap between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, EA says.

Spec Ops: The Line scribe Walt Williams and former IGN reporter Mitch Dyer wrote Battlefront II's campaign, which runs from the battle of Endor to the rise of the First Order.

Players fill the boots of Commander Iden Versio, leader of the Galactic Empire’s elite special forces unit, Inferno Squad.

After witnessing the destruction of the second Death Star (as depicted in Return of the Jedi), Iden’s team embarks on an odyssey of revenge, betrayal, and redemption.

Although you'll mostly play as Iden, EA is promising that you'll occasionally control many of Star Wars' greatest characters, including Luke Skywalker.

The action will take place across a series of planets, including a brand new one called Vardos, an Imperial utopia where children of the Empire grow up in peace and aspire to be elite soldiers.

"The explosion of the second Death Star was seen as a victory [in the film]," said game director Mark Thompson.

"We wondered, how could we turn that victory into a moment of defeat? How could somebody see that and think, ‘I want to avenge my Emperor?'"

The game's multiplayer will encompass the prequels, original trilogy, Clone Wars, and new era. However, it will not feature content from the recent spin-off Rogue One, or animated series Star War Rebels.

That means you'll take part in battles for up to 40 players in locations including Theed, Takodana, Starkiller Base, Yavin, Mos Eisley, Endor, Hoth, and more.

According to EA, the multiplayer will feature a tweaked progression system, extensive hero customisation, a larger arsenal of weapons with improved modification options, new starfighters in for the Space Battle scenarios, and tauntauns to ride across snow-covered fields.

Star Wars Battlefront II is the story of an Empire commander

Hero characters will return, and now include Darth Maul, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Rey, and more, and will no longer be introduced to battles via pickups. Instead, there will be some kind of resource-based system for bringing them into the fight, and EA hinted that you'll see them more often.

In certain modes, you'll be able to pit heroes from the prequels trilogy, original trilogy, and new trilogy against one another in combat.

Heroes will also have "careers" that enable players to unlock new abilities and personalisation options, but they won't be quite as powerful as they were in 2015's Battlefront.

"They’re more physical, they have more presence in the game," said EA DICE creative director Bernd Diemer.

Star Wars Battlefront II is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA Access and Origin Access Members with the Play First Trial will be able to play from November 9, those who pre-order the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition get access from November 14, and the game is out worldwide on November 17.