Numinous Games, developer of the award-winning That Dragon, Cancer, today released its second title, a VR radio play called Untethered.

The "quirky VR mystery" puts players in the shoes of an Oregon-based radio DJ, employing Google Daydream's pointer and voice as its main control mechanisms.

Using Google's speech recognition software, it entreats players to physically speak to characters in order to advance the story, which involves mysterious voicemails and an unknown atmospheric phenomenon.

"The player can record commercials, interview callers, and try to piece together what is happening outside of the radio station, all while getting to know their lonely producer," the studio wrote in a press release.

Subsequent episodes will take the player to new locations, introducing new protagonists and side characters as the story deepens.

Numinous' previous title, That Dragon, Cancer, was a bona fide phenomenon in the indie gaming scene, winning the "Games For Impact" award at the the Game Awards earlier this month.

Untethered requires a Google Daydream-compatible phone (and Daydream headset) to play; the first episode is available now for US$4.99.