New details about Watch Dogs 2's approach to open-world free roaming emerged today, via a commentated video from Ubisoft.

The game's San Francisco Bay Area setting - including Marin, Oakland, Silicon Valley, and Alcatraz - can be traversed on foot, in cars, or in boats, with improved vehicle physics by Ubisoft Reflections (of Driver: San Francisco fame).

An Assassin's Creed-esque hacking view can be toggled at any time, highlighting hacking opportunities and enemies within the immediate area; drones can also be deployed to further scout areas.

The world is laden with contextual side operations that can be completed to earn experience, cash, or in-game social media followers; these can be completed solo or with the game's seamless co-operative multiplayer system.

All open-world activities can be accessed via the in-game smartphone, which also contains the in-game map, styled remarkably similarly to Google Maps.

Finally, expanding on a common system in open-world games, if players become sufficiently wanted by the police, a bounty will be placed on their heads, inviting online players to hunt them down for a reward – and forcing the player to evade not just the police, but other players as well.

Watch Dogs 2 releases on November 15th for new-gen consoles and PC, and can be pre-ordered online at Mighty Ape.