Nearly a year and a half after its initial release, Evolve has finally cracked the top Steam charts.

Turtle Rock Studios' asymmetrical monster-vs-hunters shooter went free-to-play last week, and its player count immediately jumped by thousands of percentage points.

Prior to that relaunch, Evolve player numbers were abysmal for an online-focused AAA game, typically fluctuating between 100 and 200.

It was widely known for being one of the most-hyped and most-abandoned major titles of 2015.

As of time of publication, SteamDB listed the newly renamed Evolve Stage 2 as having 26,363 concurrent players online, ten hours after hitting a new all-time peak of 51,127 and reaching 11th place on Steam's recent most-played charts.

Stage 2 is in a PC-only beta for now, launching its free-to-play mechanics as well as a new progression system and other game mechanics.

Though it may not end up maintaining its current player explosion, the game's future is now slightly less bleak, as Turtle Rock moves toward a full F2P launch later this year.