Hero shooter Battleborn has seen a significant price drop, just two months after release. The game now retails for NZ$60.

Battleborn was released in early May and met with mediocre reviews, including a 6/10 from Gameplanet. The title struggled to find a player base – something that was probably not helped by the release of Blizzard's similar FPS Overwatch later that same month.

SuperData estimates that PC digital sales alone earned Overwatch US$269 million, while Battleborn saw only US$18 million.

Battleborn developer Gearbox Software has already released two major content patches for Battleborn, and further additions are in the works. In a detailed post, the studio confirmed additional heroes were coming (bringing the total to 30), alongside new maps, a Broadcaster Mode, and more. All of this additional content will be free.

Premium content is also in the works, with five Story Operation packs releasing from late winter through to summer this year. Story Operations will feature a specific hero. The first is Attikus, and his Op will tell his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion. Repeated playthroughs will increase difficulty, change objectives, and offer new loot.

Meanwhile, Overwatch is enjoying ongoing success, reaching 10 million players in just three weeks. Blizzard is in the process of releasing the highly anticipated Competitive Play to the game, a mode that will include ranked matches but also severe penalties to players that quit early.