Players who picked up Tom Clancy's The Division this week have found themselves involved in a surprising activity: queueing.

In the game's Brooklyn-based opening area, players must go to a safehouse in order to receive mission briefings, equipment, and tutorial information.

At two points in the introductory mission, players must interact with a laptop in that safehouse – but many are finding their progress impeded by other players attempting to do the same thing, in conjunction with the game's refusal to let players clip through other players.

Some servers (like the one screenshotted by @der_rod on Twitter, above) have seen players literally queueing up to use an in-game laptop – not the worst issue an online game could have, but an issue nonetheless.

On a similar note, entering the safehouse requires passing through a narrow doorway, which players can block simply by standing in it.

It is possible to phase through doorway griefers by running, and other safe areas are less congested by virtue of instancing, but the frustration has spurred numerous complaints online.

The Division is available now on new-gen consoles and PC.