Single player campaigns "cost 75% of the budget" of the average shooter, according to Unreal and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski.

Speaking to PC Gamer at PAX South, Bleszinski defended the decision to make his new game Lawbreakers multiplayer only, saying "campaigns cost the most money" and that players "burn through the campaign in a weekend, and then [they] go to multiplayer."

He suggested that games are moving toward multiplayer exclusivity or huge, open-ended single-player experiences in order to "avoid the trade-in mentality of the $60 disc-based game."

Where "traditional campaigns" are concerned, Bleszinski said he prefers games with "at least two-player co-op," joking that "the couple that plays together stays together."

Lawbreakers is a 5v5 free-to-play shooter with unique, gravity-oriented physics elements, aging up the character-based template of Overwatch and Battleborn for an older audience.

It is set to be published by Nexon sometime in 2016; only a PC release has been announced.