One of StarCraft's most famous players retired this week after nine years in the eSports arena.

Lee "Flash" Young Ho, 23, started playing StarCraft: Brood War competitively at age fourteen, before moving on to StarCraft II in 2010.

As a teenager, he was recruited by prominent eSports company KT Rolster, fast becoming dubbed "God" by fans, on account of his abilities playing Terran in the game.

He also became the subject of an affectionate meme in 2013, when he was caught measuring out his gaming area with a ruler for optimal keyboard placement.

Flash intends to perform his two years of mandatory military service (a requirement for all men between 18 and 35 in South Korea) before returning to KT Rolster as a coach.

He says that as a coach, his "ultimate goal" would be to make KT Rolster "the mightiest team in the world."