The Warehouse and Noel Leeming will no longer stock R18 games and movies.

The change comes as The Warehouse Group looks to align its product range with its family-friendly brand values, reports The New Zealand Herald.

Warehouse chief executive Mark Powell says that the business' succcess had been established on a foundation of "putting our people and communities at the core of what we do."

"This decision to exit R18 games and DVDs has not been made lightly, but has been driven by increasing customer, community and team member feedback," he added.

Powell singled out Grand Theft Auto V as the product that led them to enact a change he said they'd been debating internally for some time.

"The recently released Grand Theft Auto V, which contains graphic sex scenes and violence towards women from a first person perspective, has acted as a catalyst for our decision to totally exit the R18 games and DVD market," he said.

"We considered simply 'de-ranging' this product, however that would require us to judge the merits of every R18 product on an ongoing basis, which we are not in a position to do, nor do we see as our role," he said.

"With the increasing amount of feedback we get from customers, team members, and the wider community around R18 material, we believe that our exit from R18 games and DVDs will be positively received by parents and families around the country; it's simply the right thing to do for our brand," Powell said.

The Warehouse is one of New Zealand's largest retailers. It has 92 stores countrywide. There are 77 Noel Leeming Stores.