Sega Europe has admitted that the trailers for Aliens: Colonial Marines did not accurately reflect the quality of the game.

The admission came after Reddit user subpardave filed a complaint with the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority, noting the “absurd” differences between the game’s trailers and finished product.

Colonial Marines’ trailers showcased a number of gameplay features and visual effects that were glaringly absent in the final product.

“The game looked and played NOTHING like what was shown to consumers,” wrote subpardave.

"Gearbox and Sega spoke very clearly – by saying absolutely nothing – and showed the purchasing community that they would rather this mess all quietly disappear.

"The games industry – like any other – needs to be held accountable for blatantly deceiving the consumer. And doubly so when a wall of silence is the only response to resounding criticism for shipping a shoddy product, having shown off one with all the bells and whistles."

In its response to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Sega Europe claimed that the Colonial Marines trailers were created using the in-game engine, although it did acknowledge that the trailers did not accurately reflect the final content of the game.

As such, it agreed to add a disclaimer to all videos published on its website and YouTube stating that the footage depicted was from a demo not the finished product.

"We consider that with the disclaimer in place, customers are unlikely to get the impression that the trailer shows the finished product, and the ads are therefore unlikely to mislead," said the ASA.

Aliens: Colonial Marines, suffered through an extended development and numerous controversies.

Last July there was an outcry when it was revealed that the game didn't feature any female marines, and later rumours swirled that Gearbox had outsourced the majority of its development, and redirected funds earmarked for the game to Borderlands 2 instead.

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game were not well received.