Developer Jonatan Söderström has mentioned on Twitter that a Hotline Miami sequel is in the works.

“Working while listening to the sweet tunes of a preliminary Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack that we've put together during the weekend,” he tweeted.

A follow-up tweet clarified that Dennaton Games hadn’t begun working on the sequel, and that the studio “only have some general plans for the next game”.

However, Söderström did say that the sequel would be an expanded version of the previously-announced Hotline Miami DLC.

“Yeah, it seems like [the DLC] will end up bigger – in terms of the number of levels we’ve got planned – than the first, so it feels reasonable to release it as a full game rather than a DLC,” he said.

In October, Gameplanet's Dan Cheer called Hotline Miami "a collection of broken, cheap gaming tropes underlined with utterly bonkers combat all twisted together to create an awesome little indie title" that was "a shoe-in for Indie of the Year".