Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, Valve’s Chet Faliszek has definitively ruled out any chance of an acquisition move by Nexon.

Korean newspaper JoongAng News reported that the companies recently met together in Hawaii to discuss a possible merger. Valve and Nexon are also partnering on an upcoming version of Counter-Strike.

Explains Faliszek: “It’s weird, because Gabe just gave that interview to the NYT which everyone was quoting – it’s weirdly twisted how they took it. They were asking if we were going to sell out to someone and Gabe was like, we’re not going to do that. The guy made the question to be about, ‘how’s this going to end’.”

According to Faliszek, there's no chance of a deal with anyone.

“There’s no thoughts about that – everyone likes working there, we like working together we like. The culture we have and the way it works because of all the parts of it. We’re not changing any of that, we’re pretty happy. We’re doing OK.”