The Wii U will be region-locked, preventing imported games being played on the system, Nintendo has confirmed.

The company announced the news to Japanese magazine Famitsu, and its comments were promptly translated and posted to NeoGaf.

"What can be played on the Wii U is restricted by a region-lock feature," the comment reads. "Software not sold in the same region cannot be played."

Nintendo has since confirmed the news with various global outlets.

The company has region-locked all of its consoles since the NES was shipped to America in 1985, forcing those wishing to play games that don’t see a local release to resort to modding their consoles in order to do so.

Region-locking allows a developer or console manufacturer to vary game prices across the world.

Both Sony and Microsoft allow publishers to decide if their games will be region-locked or not.

The first PlayStation 3 game to be region-locked since the console’s release was this year’s Persona 4 Arena.