Trademarks and domain names for something named Star Wars: First Assault have been registered by LucasArts’ parent company, Lucasfilm, Fusible has discovered.

Among other things, the application covers “Entertainment services provided on-line by means of global and local area networks, namely, providing interactive computer games and interactive video games”.

Nothing else is known at this stage, although it’s worth noting that earlier this year a rumour was widely reported that a third Battlefront game was in development, allegedly at Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited.

Battlefront III has never been announced by LucasArts, although since 2008 there has been much speculation on its development.

Footage alleged to be from the game was posted to IGN in 2009 but subsequently removed after a request from LucasArts, and the title has since been speculatively attached to Pandemic Studios, Activision, Free Radical Design, and Rebellion Developments.

Earlier this year, the trademark for Star Wars 1313 was discovered before its E3 unveiling.