The personal opinion of EA’s Patrick Soderlund is that brick-and-mortar games retailers will be gone within a decade.

Despite the fond memories he associated with boxed games, the EA Games executive vice president believed that convenience would ultimately trump nostalgia.

"I happen to think that there's something about physical content like books that's collectable and satisfying to own," he said.

"I still want physical content, but I'm not part of the new generation of gamers. I remember a time when I bought a cartridge and excitedly read the manual on my way home, imagining what the game was going to be like.

“Maybe kids don't have that anymore."

Soderlund did not believe that the move to digital-only would alienate casual players.

"The distribution method won't change how games are advertised or marketed, just how they are delivered to customers. My 96 year-old grandmother plays Cut the Rope and World of Warcraft,” he said.

“Honestly, I don't think there's a digital barrier for the causal audience anymore."

EA’s Peter Moore recently claimed that the company’s digital revenues would surpass its physical revenues within 36 months.