Rise of the Triad is being remade by Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment.

The cult-classic first-person shooter will be powered by Unreal Engine 3, and will be “bigger, better and more ludicrous than ever before,” according to Apogee.

"We are all about fast-paced action and this was simply a perfect match for us as fans of old school shooters," said Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber.

The game promises five unique characters with different play styles, 20 single player levels, multiplayer, and a level builder.

Classic weapons returning include the Flamewall, Firebomb, Split Missile, Drunk Missile and Excalibat.

The maniacal modes return, too: God mode, Elasto mode, Mercury mode, Shrooms mode and Dog mode.

The original ROTT was released in 1995.

Rise of the Triad is due out on PC via Steam later this year.