Red5 Studios CEO Mark Kern believes that the Ouya will succeed because current console gamers are fed up with being overcharged for homogenised product.

“The reason we have no innovation left on consoles is because you have to spend so much money to make your game appeal to widest possible audience on that platform which is a closed platform, so that’s a limited number of users, right?” said the former World of Warcraft lead.

“In order to stand out from the crowd you have to spend as much on marketing as you did developing it. This is not a sustainable model.”

“It’s killing innovation because no one can take those risks anymore or try something new with those kinds of numbers,” he added.

Kern was also critical of the way he claimed Sony and Microsoft treated smaller developers, citing Minecraft as an example of a game that neither would have touched.

“I don’t see Sony or Microsoft embracing the openness of the changes that are happening in the gaming industry right now,” he said.

“I think that’s bad for gamers and I think that’s cripplingly bad for developers.”