The Enhanced Edition of classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG Baldur's Gate will be released on PC on September 18, says developer Overhaul Games.

The Enhanced Edition adds three new characters to the game: half-orc Blackguard Dorn II-Khan, monk Rasaad yn Bashir, and half-elf wild mage Neera,

Both Rasaad and Neera come with their own playable adventure that explores new areas.

Dorn II-Khan adds the Blackguard kit, which allows players to "create [their] own champion of evil".

The Enhanced Edition also adds a new adventure called "The Black Pits", 15 levels of arena-style challenges which adds up to roughly six hours of play, according to Overhaul.

It also brings with it an updated interface, improved cross-platform multiplayer, new cinematics, and gameplay features from the game's sequel.

The PC version will retail at US$19.99. The Mac and iPad versions are expected that same month. The Android version is "in the works" and as such, no release date has been confirmed.