Many point to lost revenue from used game sales as one of the reasons the industry has become more risk averse, but not GameStop president Tony Bartel.

According to Bartel, used game sales actually boosted sales of new games as the trade-in credit a customer received was often used to buy a new game.

Around 17 per cent of trade-in cash was being spent on new games, said Bartel.

"We are giving them 17 percent toward the purchase of their games today. We have that form of unfunded discount that we give to the publishers."

Bartel also claimed that having the latest games at a discount due to trade-ins brought more people into gaming.

"We provide an alternative which no one else is providing, which is an opening price point for people to try some of these games and get them into the gaming ecosystem.”

According to GameStop, it generated US$1.2 billion (NZD$1.5 billion) in trade-in credit for customers in 2011.

Used products made up 27.4 percent of the company's sales.

Although new game sales brought in more revenue, used products provide the largest chunk of their profit – 46.6 percent in the last fiscal year.