A number of reports of overheating Vitas has sparked an investigation in Japan, but Sony have stated that user error is the cause.

A total of 31 cases have been brought to Sony’s attention, 23 of which were in Japan.

The investigation will be conducted by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, an independent agency working on behalf of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

“We believe the cause [of the burnouts] is that the cable got wet or had something stuck to it,” read a statement from Sony.

“There is no defect.”

"Rarely, when the PS Vita or multi-use terminal on its USB cable have foreign matter or liquids on them and are connected for charging, etc., a partial short that leads to the terminal burning out can occur,” continued the statement.

“Symptoms of this can include the console becoming unable to charge or start up. However, this phenomenon is not a safety problem."

Sony said it does not plan to recall any PlayStation Vita hardware.

The company posted a press release on its Japanese PlayStation website reminding consumers to “avoid exposing the Vita’s multi-use cable to liquids or foreign substances”.

"It is not a defect. In the case of a burned-out part, we will exchange it for a fee," said a Sony representative.