Nintendo has reported a loss of US$220 million (NZ$278 million) for the first quarter of this year, an improvement over the US$326 million (NZ$412 million) loss the company incurred during the same period a year ago.

Sales revenues for the quarter were down to US$1.08 billion (NZ$1.37 billion), from $US1.20 billion (NZ$1.52 billion) a year ago.

Despite this, 3DS sales for the quarter were easily double that of last year; 1.86 million were sold compared to 0.71 million in 2011.

Wii sales halved to 0.71 million from 1.56 million, and DS sales dropped nearly two thirds to just 0.54 million.

A total of 19 million 3DS, 152 million DS, and 96.5 million Wii units had been sold worldwide as of June 30.

Until July 25, Nintendo was losing money on every 3DS sold. Since then the handheld has no longer been sold below cost.

Nintendo expects to sell an additional 18.5 million 3DS handhelds by the end of March 2013, as well as 10.5 million Wii's and 2.5 million DS units.