Age of Empires co-creator Tony Goodman is launching a new mobile game start-up.

The Texas-based studio, PeopleFun, will focus on creating games for iOS devices and Android mobile devices.

“We wanted to do something from the ground up, starting small,” said Goodman.

Goodman's recent game output includes Age of Empires Online, Orcs Must Die!, and Hero Academy, all of which he developed for Robot Entertainment following the 2009 closure of Ensemble.

PeopleFun comprises six games industry veterans including Goodman’s fellow Ensemble co-founder John Boog-Scott.

“We were so successful with our first idea that we never got around to some of our other ideas. We’d like to create character-driven games, like the Nintendo games that we grew up with,” said Goodman.

“We never indulged our childish desires with Age of Empires.”

“Life lasts maybe 75 years. You get a chance to do four or five things,” he continued.

Regarding his switch to mobile, the industry legend said that he believed great games to be platform-independent.

“I try not to worry about the platform and try to do something creative and worthwhile, something that will be remembered,” he said.

“I created PeopleFun to get back to the magic of a small, super-luminescent creative team.”

The studio is self-funded and does not plan to raise any funding.

Its first as-yet-unnamed game is about to go into beta testing.