A new initiative is coming to Steam that will allow the wider community to vote on which titles deserve a release on the popular digital distribution platform.

Steam Greenlight will allow developers to post information, screenshots, and videos for their game in the hopes of gaining enough of a following that their game is picked up by the Valve-owned service.

Traditionally, a team of Steam employees would decide which games the platform would support, however this created a bottleneck for the company.

“There are titles that have tied up this internal greenlight group in the past, and we knew there had to be a better way,” said a statement from Valve.

“We know there is still a lot of room for improvement in making Steam distribution easier and faster; this is just a first step in that direction.”

“The community should be deciding what gets released. After all, it’s the community that will ultimately be the ones deciding which release they spend their money on,” it added.

The specific number of votes a game receives are less important than the relative interest it garners from players compared to other games on the service.

Titles that haven’t graduated to Steam will remain on Greenlight indefinitely unless their developer removes them.

Steam Greenlight is slated to launch at the end of August.