Valve has confirmed that Hocking is their newest employee. It is unknown which projects he will be working on at this stage.

Original story:

Far Cry lead designer Clint Hocking has left LucasArts for undisclosed reasons, following two quiet years at the company.

Hired as a creative director, none of Hocking’s projects for LucasArts were ever made public.

Hocking previously put in nine years at Ubisoft, and contributed to some of that publisher's biggest franchises, such as Splinter Cell and Far Cry.

"I recently left my job at LucasArts and am moving on to something new. I already have something lined up and I am currently in the process of dealing with the living hell of relocation," he posted on his personal blog.

Hocking was initially hired at LucasArts as creative director on an unannounced project. It is still unknown what projects he was working on with the company.