GAME Australia failed due to the short-sightedness of the company’s decision-makers, a former regional manager says.

Scott Parbery, who worked at the company for five years, has slammed the chain’s management and called the closure of Australian stores sad but “not entirely surprising”.

“There’s lots of blame attributed to the economy, competition, pricing in the Australian market, et cetera,” said Parbery.

“However, it’s hard to ignore the short-sightedness of the decision-makers in almost all respects: the misguided attempts at rapid expansion; incredibly poor purchasing and stocking decisions; failure to develop an identity within the Australian market; the lack of respect and time devoted to developing and assisting the guys in the trenches, the frontline staff who are your face to the public.”

The franchise opened too many stores too quickly, made poor location decisions, under-trained staff, and skimped on infrastructure, said Parbery.

He also cited the “absurd” amount of money spent on marketing as a factor in the company’s Australian downfall, calling the resulting campaigns “desperate” and “grasping”.

Last week it was announced that all Australian GAME stores would close following a liquidation sale.