The forthcoming Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC provides the closure fans are seeking, but is an expansion of the existing endings rather than a set of new ones, says BioWare.

“The extended cut is really more about taking the things that are there and making them shine even more, rather than trying to change and adapt what’s there to reach out to a broader audience that’s looking for something that was never intended,” said lead writer Mac Walters.

Executive Producer Casey Hudson agreed.

“We didn’t do the extended cut because we were trying to make everybody happy and make it perfect... we thought we could add value to the experience for those who might appreciate it.”

The Extended Cut expands on the endings of Mass Effect 3 through additional scenes and epilogue sequences.

According to BioWare, it gives a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series, and shows greater detail in the successes or failures based on how players achieved their endings.

“People wanted to see how their decisions resulted in consequences to the future of the Mass Effect universe... the endings left a lot to the player’s imagination,” admitted Hudson.

“It’s tough to let go of a storyline and characters that you enjoy, and the endings didn’t really leave a lot of time to say goodbye to the experience, so a lot of people just wanted more closure.”

The expanded endings were as much for the developers as they were for the fans, he said.

“We love this universe as much as the fans do – we’ve been putting our hearts and souls into this for over eight years, and when it’s all over, we wanted to take a little more time to say goodbye – we wanted that as much as fans did."

The free 1.9 gigabyte Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC will be available for PC and Xbox 360 on June 26, and PlayStation 3 on July 4.