Game Kickstarters fail even more often than previously thought, recent data released by the website shows.

Only a third of gaming Kickstarters met their goals – a substantial drop from the 43 per cent figure that was reported earlier this year.

This puts games tenth out of 13 Kickstarter categories when it comes to successful ventures, with a success rate much lower than the average of around 44 per cent.

The only categories with lower success rates than games are fashion, publishing, and technology.

It should be noted that the gaming category on Kickstarter includes board and card games as well as videogames.

The data also showed that of the nearly 700 game campaigns that have hit their funding goals, 95 percent were targeting less than $100,000.

Three developers have made brought in over a million on the platform so far: Double Fine, InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2), and Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns).

It’s not all bad news: successfully-funded game projects have so far raised USD$26.4 million (NZD$33.5 million) on Kickstarter, the fourth-highest total behind design, music, and film and video.