Free-to-play title FIFA Online has quadrupled the franchise's Korean revenue, says EA Sports president Andrew Wilson.

He valued the company's free-to-play business at $100 million a year, all of which came via microtransactions for items that didn’t affect gameplay at all.

"When we had a packaged-goods FIFA based in Korea, I think we were at about a 25 million dollar business down there," he said.

"These days, that's nearly a 100 million dollar business. That's a free-to-play experience."

From its launch in 2006, FIFA Online was tailored to the specific demands of Korean consumers, although EA intend to expand the service into the rest of Asia in the near future.

Although the game has been available in open beta elsewhere, there was no word on whether it would come to other territories anytime soon.

"It's just a different business model. And I think we'll see some of that continue in the west,” said Wilson.

"We're prepared to deliver great quality games, and we believe that great quality games, regardless of what business model we go to market with, they monetise at a high rate."