Former Microsoft executive and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux is baffled by Microsoft's lack of attention to Windows gaming.

Speaking at E3, the controversial developer was at a loss to explain Microsoft’s console-heavy press conference.

“It's always shocked me about how little Microsoft cared about the Windows platform. There was hardly a single talk about Windows 8 at all. You would've thought, with a billion installed machines, there would be at least some play.

“And the whole metro interface is much more gamified, but there was no talk about it at all," he said.

Molyneux believed that PCs were quickly becoming the place for innovation, despite having ceded that position to motion-controlled consoles in the last few years.

"You will find that those people that want innovation will start retreating to other formats," he said.

"Look at the PC. It's incredible to me how there's been a resurgence in PC gaming. There's a lot more innovation now."

The 22 Cans founder cited political reasons for a lack of creativity on many new console games by big publishers.

“This is exactly why I left Microsoft," he said.

"This seemed like the perfect time to set up another company and find enough people that believed in one focused idea, crazy though that idea might be, that embraces all this new technology rather than try to ignore it… the only way I found that I was able to do that was in a start-up.”

“There are so many political things that have to go on in existing games development, whether they're supporting retail or supporting some format that's out there. I think only a little start-up can totally embrace that newness and the excitement that's going on."

Molyneux's latest game is "a test about the psychology of monetisation."