Renown sci-fi/historical fiction writer and sword aficionado Neal Stephenson has turned to Kickstarter in the hope of getting a game that will be akin to “Guitar Hero with swords” made.

The game envisioned by Stephenson and his team at Subatai Corporation would initially make use of a commercial, third-party, off-the-shelf controller and then eventually iterate to a controller of its own.

“It’s not a sword game if you have to pull a trigger or push a button to swing your sword,” said Stephenson.

The game, titled CLANG, would place a premium on historical accuracy, and finally do justice to the art and history of sword fighting, said Stephenson.

“It takes a lot of people to make a sword game that doesn’t suck. In addition to all the artists and animators you need to make any old regular game – those don’t come cheap by the way, because we have to bid against people who make Farmville and Angry Birds – you need expert swordsmen… Without ‘em, you’re just making a bogus piece of crap.”

Subatai Corporation hoped to create more than a game, however, and would look to license whatever system it came up with so others could build on it.

“We didn’t know enough to make one game that’s gonna be all things to all people. Our goal is to produce a game prototype and toolkit that others can use to make content of their own,” said Stephenson.

Initially, CLANG would be a Windows PC one-on-one arena duelling game, but would look to expand once the basics were solid, he said.