Crytek will move exclusively to a free-to-play model as soon as it has honoured its existing contracts, CEO Cevat Yerli says.

Yerli blames current retail models for eroding customer goodwill, and sees free-to-play as the future.

"If you look at what kind of games are done in the packaged goods market, with DLCs and premium services and whatnot, it's literally milking the customers to death."

"As we were developing console games we knew, very clearly, that the future is online and free-to-play," he said.

All Crytek's future games will be built around free-to-play and supported by its social platform, GFACE.

However, Yerli stressed that the new business model would not alter Crytek's games in any way.

"As is evident in Warface, our approach is to ensure the best quality, console game quality. That implies budgets of between $10m to $30m - so no compromise there - but at the price-point of $0 entry. I think this is a new breed of games that has to happen to change the landscape, and be the most user-friendly business model."

Crytek's first free-to-play game, Warface, will be released on Windows PC later this year.