Sidhe Interactive Managing Director and co-founder Mario Wynands is involved with a new gaming apparel startup.

Australia-based Control Division, whose website went live this morning, currently offer a selection of gaming-based T-shirts, hoodies, and trackpants, and ship worldwide.

Control Division will offer “stylish, high quality gaming clothing to market in a world where gaming related clothing to date has been cheap, ill fitting and mainly blatant advertising,” said Wynands, who sits on the company’s board of directors.

Alongside Wynands are fellow Sidhe/PikPok alum Tyrone McAuley and Clive Fitts, a 20-year veteran of surf wear company Quiksilver.

Control Division Chairman Richard Neal believes that the gaming background of many within the company is one its greatest strengths.

“We’ve built a culture in our brand that only comes from working with guys who know the industry,” he said.

“Control Division will provide gamers with stylish, quality clothing suitable to wear at home, down the street or to the club.”

According to their website, Control Division are “striving to bring something new to the table in a world where a ‘video-game T-shirt’ usually means a cheap logo print on a black shirt that fits like a tent”.