South Australia Attorney-General John Rau has said that the state will drop the country’s controversial MA15+ maximum rating for videogames in favour of an R18 rating, irrespective of any rulings at the Australian commonwealth level.

The logical solution would be to have an R18 classification in addition to the MA15+ rating as without the latter, South Australians aged between 15 and 17 would no longer be able to buy many high profile titles that do not warrant the maximum restriction.

Spokesperson for the opposition Liberal party, Stephen Wade, called the move “bizarre” and unfair to local retailers, reports newspaper The Australian.

“The Attorney-General has indicated that he appreciates that people will continue to access games, through downloading them and through mail order. So it would be clearly an unfair impost on South Australian retailers at a time we are very aware of the competition between the online retail marker and the shopfront retail market.”

Via GamePron.