Peter Molyneux believes that public perception around his wealth has hurt 22 Cans' Kickstarter campaign.

Gamers believed that Kickstarter was only for struggling developers and therefore that he shouldn't use the service, he told Kotaku.

However, reports of his richness were greatly exaggerated, Molyneux claimed.

"I am not by any measure a hugely wealthy individual. I live in a nice house. I have two cars. My son goes to a nice school. We take one holiday a year. By anybody's measure, you wouldn't call me wealthy."

The success of his past projects and the sale of Bullfrog and Lionhead had not translated into vast sums of cash, claimed the eccentric designer.

“I think the confusion is that for every game I've done, I have received vast, huge riches of royalties from. In fact, most of the royalties from my games have gone into continuing to fund the company. And then with every company I've sold, the philosophy has been the same, that I've shared the ownership of the company with the people who are involved in it."

“With Lionhead, I can't remember the percentage of my share but it was way, way less than 50 per cent. I was just the front man and I believed that the talent was the people behind the scenes," he said.

“So, I'm not saying that I'm out on the streets by any means but there's a lot more wealthy people in this industry.”

Godus has raised £383,367 (AU$591,744) of its £450,000 (AU$694,666) goal but has a mere 70 hours to find the rest.