Mojang’s upcoming sandbox sci-fi title 0x10c will probably be monetised by subscriptions with a twist, lead designer Markus “Notch” Persson says.

“It’s still not clear how we’re going to monetise the game,” he told PC Gamer, “but the rough idea I have right now is to have an MMO-ish part called the multiverse”.

Each subscription will grant a player the generator needed to power a ship, so conceivably several players could split a subscription and act as crew on a single vessel, he said.

“It’ll probably be monthly subscription because of the cost of running all the CPUs on the server. The idea is that one subscription gives you one generator. If a CPU in the game costs us this much money to emulate then it has to consume an equal proportion of the wattage from the generator.

“So several people could play on one ship with one generator if they wanted. I think that’d be the most fun, but I know a lot of people just want to pilot their own ship.”

A free-to-play system was also being considered, said Notch.

“Not that it is really free – because the expected revenue for a free-to-play game is higher than from the paying customers.

“We could monetise it from Minecraft sales, I guess. But then all of 0x10c development is going to be a monetary burden. I’d rather have it be self-sustaining or it feels wrong.”

Notch was keen to avoid Kickstarter though, which he felt wasn’t an avenue that established developers should take.

Besides which, Mojang has plenty of money, he said.

An alpha version of 0x10c would be released “when it is fun” he added.

In related news, Notch recently told Develop that it is his wish for Mojang to remain small and independent.

“I hope we can keep the spirit for as long as possible. The atmosphere is usually very relaxed in the office, and we don’t have any middle management or anything like that,” he said.

“I worry about growing, as that could change the mood to something else, so I want us to keep focusing on not making super polished games, as those require larger teams.”