Syberia III is in development.

Anuman Interactive announced the adventure game sequel yesterday, and confirmed that series writer Benoit Sokal was on board as writer and artistic director.

The French software publisher acquired Syberia developer Microïds three years ago, and recently hired that company's founder, Elliot Grassiano, to oversee development on the new game.

“After two long years of waiting for the fans, with Benoit writing the script and Elliot joining our team, Syberia has truly entered its production phase. Today, fans of the series and adventure games enthusiasts have at last been rewarded for the patience,” said Anuman GM Stéphane Longeard.

The original Syberia was released in early 2002, and was followed by a sequel in 2004. Both games were well-received by the critical community.

Sokal stated in 2004 that another sequel was unlikely, despite Syberia II ending on something of a cliffhanger.

Syberia III is expected in 2014 or 2015. Platforms are yet to be confirmed.