Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime has claimed the Wii U is graphically superior to current gen consoles despite evidence to the contrary.

Speaking with CNN, Fils-Aime balked at the assertion that the Wii U was on par with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

“The specs are quite different than the competitive systems; much more graphically intensive,” he said.

“If you do a side-by-side comparison you would see that third-party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system.”

However, technical analysis site Digital Foundry did such a comparison, and found the Wii U version didn’t actually even meet the standard of the Xbox 360 version.

"The Wii U version matches the look of the Xbox 360 game and thus gives it an edge visually over the PlayStation 3 release, but unfortunately it comes up well short in terms of performance – an aspect that is all-important to the playability of a COD title,” Digital Foundry reported.

“The frame-rate variance is such that the PS3 game feels generally smoother, while the 360 release feels like an entirely different game in the more demanding levels. Bearing in mind the commonalities in hardware design between Wii U and Xbox 360, we can't help but feel somewhat disappointed that Black Ops 2 under-performs so noticeably."

The article added that "for the Wii U hardware to under-perform to this extent on such a crucially important game doesn't look good for future prospects”.

Fils-Aime also told CNN he was was nonplussed about what Microsoft and Sony had in store with their eighth generation consoles.

“In terms of what competition’s going to do in the future: we’ll see. We know based on our own development this two screen experience really is the next innovation that consumers are gravitating to,” he said.

“It’s selling extremely well here in the Americas. Already stocks are quite low in the marketplace; we’re rapidly replenishing. So for us, certainly the consumer’s deciding that the innovation is well worth their investment.”

Nintendo has won such battles with low-powered offerings before. Both the Wii and DS outsold rivals despite modest technical specifications.

The company estimates it has sold 400,000 Wii U units in the past week in the United States, as well as 300,000 of the Wii, 250,000 3DS units, and 275,000 DS units.

The Wii had sold 600,000 after eight days on the market in the States in 2006.