The Autumn Steam Sale is now live.

Today’s deals include XCOM: Enemy Unknown (AU$32.32), The Walking Dead complete season (AU$12.05), Darksiders 2 (AU$16.40), and Age of Empires 3 Complete (AU$9.64).

In the indie games section, World of Goo and Cave Story are AU$2.40 each, Torchlight II is AU$14.46, and many more are discounted.

The current flash sale games include Limbo (AU$2.40), Payday: The Heist (AU$4.81), and KOTOR II (AU$2.40).

Yesterday Artery Studios CEO Tamás Bakó announced that the sale would start today and end on the 27.

He was half right – the sale ends on November 26 in the US (the 27 over here).