ArmA 3 developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar's appeal against their charges of espionage has been denied.

Held for 70 days in a Greek prison, the pair have been refused bail and now must be tried in front of a Greek court, according to Czech news site Rozhlas (translated by a site set up to help the developers).

A strike affecting the Greek legal system has kept the two men waiting weeks longer than usual to hear their appeal verdict.

Buchta and Pezlar are accused of spying on the Greek military after being arrested in September for taking photographs and film of military installations on the island of Lemnos in Greece.

If convicted, they face up to 20 years in jail.

ArmA developer Bohemia Interactive and the men have repeatedly claimed they were simply in the country on holiday.

Conditions in the prison were far from ideal, Ivan’s father Miloslav Buchta said.

“They're in a cell with over 25 people, they sleep on the ground. They have food twice a day."

“Our boys no longer tell us on the phone that it's alright, that they're handling it," said Ivan's mother.

"After the court's decision we only hear from them something that no parent ever wants to hear: Mom, dad, please save us."